• Business in Front, Party Pubes in the Back

    by  • April 5, 2015 • 0 Comments

    This is fucking stupid and I am tired of it. You know what I’m talking about; I’m talking about people who are called pedophiles if they like a shaved genital area. It’s so fucking ridiculous and not a fair characterization. At all. If I have a choice or am asked what my preference is...

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    The Psychology of Humanity

    by  • March 26, 2015 • 0 Comments

    I recently tweeted a series of tweets regarding the horrendous injustice of Raif Badawi. If you are on Twitter and you follow a bunch of humanists, like me and the people I follow, your timeline will be filled with Raif avi’s and calls for justice for him from his captor, Saudi Arabia. While I have...

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    Hating God and Other Bullshit: A Letter to Theists

    by  • October 28, 2014 • 0 Comments

    I have been on Twitter for 3 years and nothing changes, especially the conversations/debates between atheists and theists. Sometimes, I participate in such discussions and other times I just lurk or insert a snarky comment here and there but generally, I am calm and not nasty unless provoked. I genuinely do not have a...

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    Cherry Picking Science

    by  • October 28, 2014 • 0 Comments

    When I first read about what I am going to discuss in this post, I had no words. Then, suddenly, I had too many and a simple tweet wouldn’t suffice. I tried, but I could not possibly express all my feelings and thoughts in a few simple 140 character tweets. Sometimes, I just talk...

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    Who Bought the Black Babies?

    by  • June 15, 2014 • 0 Comments

    I hadn’t seen my friend, let’s call her “Margo”, in nearly 2 years. My girls were maybe three months old the last time we had seen each other. Margo is one of those friends that it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen each other, it’s as if you were never apart....

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    What the Future Holds

    by  • May 14, 2014 • 0 Comments

    People love to speculate that we can’t know what the future holds, especially when the terrible happens to us. These words, usually meant as encouragement, are used as a way to say “Keep your chin up, kid!”.  I say to hell with that. My friends, both personally and those on Twitter (which is more...

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    An Open Letter to Republicunts

    by  • December 13, 2013 • 0 Comments

    As a lifelong citizen of Michigan, I am disgusted/horrified/appalled/shocked/fucking pissed at the recent “rape insurance” proposal that was just forcefully shoved down our throats like an unwanted cock raping our face and made into law. Instead of being ashamed of yourselves, you are proudly and callously patting each other on the back and lining...

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    and One More Thing

    by  • December 5, 2013 • 0 Comments

    I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again: Atheism+ and those that subscribe to their self righteous bullshit can suck my lovely lady cunt. They are fooling themselves if they think they can make a difference. How can they? They spend far too much time on Twitter blocking and labeling good...

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    My Beautiful Cunt

    by  • September 7, 2013 • 4 Comments

    Lately, there has been a lot of feminism bullshit flying around Twitter and it has me confused. Some people uses the word as an insult, while others claim I’m doing it wrong and still others say I’m an anti-feminist because I like the word “cunt”. Twitter is no different than the real world, it...

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    I’m the Fat Lady and I’m Singing

    by  • September 4, 2013 • 3 Comments

    I never hurt anyone. Never. Not intentionally. I try to always remain reasonable and see everyone’s point or try to understand their point of view even if I can’t agree with what they are saying. We all come from different backgrounds and see the same things differently but fuck mother fuckers who twist my...

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