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    Lately, there has been a lot of feminism bullshit flying around Twitter and it has me confused. Some people uses the word as an insult, while others claim I’m doing it wrong and still others say I’m an anti-feminist because I like the word “cunt”. Twitter is no different than the real world, it just happens to be on a smaller scale. I’m sure if studies could be done, every belief, ideology, race and culture is represented in much the same numbers as they are world-wide.  However, having such access to people from around the world, we are all exposed to people we would never be exposed to in real life. Add to that the “keyboard warriors” and you have a recipe for abuse.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I think Twitter is a powerful social media tool that has its place in creating change, no matter how small but it also creates so much drama that oftentimes leaks out into our day to day lives. For the most part, I’ve noticed that Twitter is a breeding ground for bullies and cunt nuggets who just want to go around calling people what they are not. In other words, they are totally defeating the purpose of social action to bring about change by being cunting asswipes.

    Recently, I’ve run across Atheism+ and a shitload of conservative twats that attack me for my Twitter handle “Lil Miss Thundercunt” or about some tweet where I’ve used the word “cunt” and all claiming that I’m not a feminist because I use that word. I’m sorry if you were abused and your abuser always used “cunt” as their favorite pejorative and you get flashbacks. I really am but that doesn’t mean I’m being insensitive.  I can’t stop people from telling dead baby jokes even though I find them completely offensive. I don’t try to stop them either because where they are coming from is not where I am coming from.

    Cunt is such a versatile word. You can use it in anger, in affection, in description and while talking dirty to your sex partner which brings me to my next point. The same fucks who don’t like the word cunt love to criticize my sexual persona. I am a highly sexual person and can make just about any situation into an innuendo. Because of this, I’ve been called a blight on the feminist movement more than once. What the actual fuck? You have got to be kidding me!

    Owning my sexuality and not being ashamed of it or my desires is the very definition of feminism.

    I’m sorry if you’re an uptight prude or like your woman to lie like a dead fish as you fuck her but I am not going to shut up about it. Every woman who cares about being equal in this world needs to start by owning their sexuality, whether it is exhibitionism or living an asexual life, fucking own it. If you start there, misogynistic assholes will never be able to touch your feminism. Sex is powerful. I’m not suggesting using it as a tool but rather as a starting point to feel powerful and liberated. If you say “this is how I want it” then the misogynists are going to listen eventually because sex rules this world. Sex is power and standing on equal ground at the most base of levels only makes you stronger.

    So, no, I’m not going to allow you to tell me that I am a disgrace on the feminist movement. I’m doing this shit right and making a difference in my life that will pave the way for my daughters to have it easier because they will learn from me how to be a strong, independent, take no shit women. I’m not talking about being a “ball buster”, I mean someone who will demand to be treated equally regardless of their sex or sexual orientation. That is not being a man-hating feminist. Get a grip, guys and gals. You do not get to call independent women “man-haters” because of your own insecurities.

    Also, to the cunt who said to me, after already calling me ugly several times, “In many decades on Earth, I have yet to meet a pretty feminist, or one that didn’t degrade herself somehow.” you, sir, are a tool of the highest order. Honestly, you could not have written a more misogynistic tweet if you tried. To suggest that if someone is a feminist they are automatically aesthetically displeasing to YOU makes you probably the ugliest mother fucker alive. And degrade myself? Sweetie, the only time I degrade myself is purposefully, while having amazing SEX. The kind I am POSITIVE you know nothing about. You shame yourself. Take your tiny…brain and find a nice quiet place to cry.

    Anyone who disagrees and thinks that using the word cunt on myself or others, being sexually open and speaking out when I see women being treated unfairly, whether in real life or on Twitter, is anything but the epitome of feminism can go right ahead and lick my beautiful cunt.

    Please let me know if I didn’t use “cunt” in this post enough to offend ignorant cunts. I want to make this right.

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    Stay at home mom of twin toddlers. Well versed in sarcasm and sometimes tenacious. Atheist. Overuse of the word "cunt" is intentional.


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    2. Mr. Marvel
      September 14, 2013 at 12:24 am

      I fucking love you! Guess that makes me a silly cunt. :-)

    3. John Bailey
      October 24, 2013 at 12:32 am

      I love powerful words like cunt. When used correctly, “cunt” cuts through bullshit like a laser, a pink laser. As my grandmother used to say, “fuck ‘em, say what you think”

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